Our Story


We love Chai!!
Rich and exotic, the blend of spices are invigorating. We've created flavours so enticing, they just beg for another sip.
Here at Ruby Chai we have been perfecting our spice blends for nearly 20 years and we have won Gold for our fabulous Ruby Honey Chai and Ruby Red Chai. We're obsessed with using only the best ingredients and every batch of our handmade Ruby Chai starts with exquisite whole spices, ground fresh as needed. We've gone to great lengths to capture the amazing aromas and flavours and blended them with a touch of love so you can enjoy them in every cup.
All our teas are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Pure and natural. Australian Made here in Perth. It is impossible not to feel good after a pot of Ruby Chai. Part of Mother Nature's medicine cabinet, our teas and spices will lift up your spirits and spice up your life, naturally!