Ruby Masala Chai

Our Ruby Masala Chai is a malty aromatic black tea blended with freshly ground spices. This tea has a rich full flavour which balances all the lively spices and has enough body to work with the milk in a Chai Latte. This strong and fragrant spiced tea is the perfect morning chai and can be drunk with or without milk. Sugar Free and Vegan.

Ruby Honey Chai Gold Medal Winner

We hand blend Pure Western Australian raw honey with fragrant spices and aromatic black tea to create our Ruby Honey Chai. The sweetness of the honey marries perfectly with the spices and adds a delicate flavour. There is just enough sweetness balanced with the spiciness and of course a touch of the lovely honey aroma.
Gold Medal winner at he Golden Leaf Competition 2017

Ruby Red Chai Gold Medal Winner

Ruby Red Chai is a blend of Organic Rooibos, Organic coconut flakes and freshly ground spices. Rooibos is naturally Caffeine Free and an antioxidant powerhouse. It has a nutty tea like flavor that works beautifully with the spices, with or without milk. The coconut flakes add a delicious creaminess to the Ruby Red Chai making it hard to stop at one! Our Red Chai is the perfect choice if you love the flavor of chai without the caffeine. Sugar free and Vegan.
Gold Medal Winner at the Golden Leaf 2015

Ruby Golden Chai

Our delicious Golden Chai is made with Turmeric, fragrant spices and soothing vanilla powder to create a heady spiced latte mix. It makes the perfect Golden Latte and is delicious added to smoothies. The vanilla adds a hint of sweetness to this sugar free and vegan chai.

Ruby Chai Sprinkle

This delicious chai sprinkle made with organic coconut sugar and spices is the fragrant finale to your chai drinking heaven. Just a small sprinkle on the top of your hot or cold chai is the perfect finishing touch. Made with 100%natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans.